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“Diana's retreats are pure joy.  The amount of precision and planning that goes into them is evident by how seamless they run. Every detail is taken care of from start to finish, with a fantastic experience in mind.  They are a perfect mix of yoga, healthy food, free time, relaxation, and fun. The people attending are friendly, fun, and open. I have met so many wonderful people. I look forward attending another Mobile Mat retreat soon!"


  – Jamie Maites; Director of Communications, Marin General Hospital

“I cannot speak highly enough about Diana Gradstein. I met her at a summer camp as a yoga teacher. She was amazing and inspirational and tailored her class to some of us older chronically ill adults. I myself am a nurse and work at UCSF. A group of friends of mine with similar ability have continued to work with her since this time. She has created a space for us that is challenging but acknowledges the physical limitations of the group. She is dependable, on time, always comes through on her commitments and she is very professional and personable.”  


 – Carol Dawson Rose; Associate Professor of Nursing, UCSF

“Diana is the absolute best. We have brought her to Saint Mary’s College High School to practice yoga with our students multiple times. She has incredible energy. Attendance at each session grows because word gets out how great she is. She is calm, and her experience as a high school teacher helps her command the respect of large groups of teenagers. Even students who have never practiced before feel confident because she is so encouraging. Our students leave her sessions feeling happy, energized, and focused. She is an honorary Panther - we love her!” 


 – Jenny Peters; Student Activities Coordinator and English Teacher, St. Mary’s College High School

“I always wanted to try yoga but feared I wasn’t flexible enough. The Mobile Mat allowed me to gather a group of friends in a living room to try yoga at our own pace. Three years later we are still gathering weekly with Diana, and I feel stronger, more flexible and eager to embrace challenging poses. I’ve been to studio classes but they seem too serious and impersonal for me. With Diana, we get professional, individualized instruction so that we are both challenged and safe. Because of her care we haven’t had injuries. Because of her personality, we’ve had a lot of fun!”


  – Deena Lahn; Vice President of Policy and Advocacy for San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium

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